Optimizing Application Design for Cloud Infrastructure: Insights from Braincuber Technologies

Cloud computing has transformed software development. At Braincuber Technologies, we harness cloud-based IDEs like AWS Cloud9 to boost productivity and collaboration. This approach lets us design applications that are resilient, scalable, and efficient.

Key Considerations for Cloud Application Design

Embrace Failure as an Event

We design applications to manage failure not as an exception but as an event. This mindset ensures our applications remain available, leveraging the cloud to provision new resources seamlessly during failures.

Prioritize Extensive Logging

Logging every system and user event becomes crucial in the cloud. This practice aids in maintenance and offers valuable data for business insights.

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

Our team identifies and removes any single points of failure, ensuring every system component has an automated fallback. This strategy increases system availability and resilience.

Store User Data Distributively

We store user data across different seismic zones in a distributed manner. Using cloud-native services like Amazon S3, we ensure data redundancy and high availability.

Implement Continuous Deployment

The cloud’s agility supports a continuous deployment model. We design applications modularly, enabling seamless updates from testing to production.

Scale with Smaller Units

Designing applications to scale with smaller compute units allows for efficient resource use. Storing sessions in databases supports auto-scaling without losing sessions.

Design Databases Modularly and Distributively

We design databases to support application scaling. Using read replicas, in-memory caching, and distributed writes enhances database performance.


At Braincuber Technologies, we are committed to leveraging the cloud’s full potential. By focusing on these key design principles, we ensure our applications meet the evolving needs of businesses. The cloud offers vast opportunities, and we continue to explore innovative design patterns to deliver advanced solutions to our clients.